Monday, November 07, 2005

Step in and write!

This blog is meant for me to not only keep in touch with my students, but having recently discovered the joy of blogging (I have a personal blog elsewhere in cyberspace), I would like to encourage my students to embrace this new facet of writing, of leaving traces of yourself, your life, thoughts and inspirations in the virtual world and share them with others.

Not too long ago, certain students in other schools have been chastised by their school for flaming their teachers in their blogs. I would like to believe that my students are above such juvenile antics. Hence I would like you to take the time to write meaningful entries in your blog. What you write reflects the kind of person you are. So you are the best person to decide how you want people to see you.

F41 students: please remember to SMS/email me your blog URL (include your real name as well) so that I can visit your blog and leave comments in there.

I hope you will have as great an experience blogging as I have. Write away folks!


Blogger † Misère Noire † said...

ooo im the first to visit, muhahaha
lets hope this attempt is successful unlike the first one eh?*lovejournal: total flop XD *
wow mdm sng, nice poem u found there XD


8:36 PM  

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