Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flurry of Blogs!

Today several people have started up their blogs, probably remembering my deadline of 20 Nov! I am glad to see more activity and I really hope blogging will grow on you and you will continue to do it even after you've left secondary school.

Tobie's & En Yeow's blogs have got photos on them, which makes their blogs quite nice aesthetically. A picture says a thousand words, no?

I will be out of action from 19-21 Nov cos I'm off to Malaysia with some friends. These are people whom I met in my NUS days and were in the same church as me. I hope to take some cool pictures and post them on this blog. If you don't see any eventually, it's probably because Mdm Sng turns out really ugly in the photos and she's a rather vain teacher so cannot embarrass herself in front of her students.

Do remind your friends who haven't started their blogs to do so soon. I am waiting!!!


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